Ms. Neels and three of her eight students performing in talent show

What Makes New Beginnings Christian Academy Special?
There are many things that make New Beginnings Christian Academy special!  Here are 18 reasons that we believe we have a lot to offer our community:
  1. CHRISTIAN FOCUS –                   We put God first!
    2.ENJOYABLE ENVIRONMENT –    We educate in a safe and fun environment.
  2. DEDICATION –                             We have dedicated, committed Christian teachers and administrators.
  3. SAFE ENVIRONMENT –               We DO NOT tolerate any form of bullying and/or harassment of our students or staff.
  4. INDIVIDUALIZED CARE –             We have smaller class sizes.
  5. ACCREDITATION –                       We are an accredited private Christian school.
  6. TECHNOLOGY –                            We believe technology improves education – Smart Boards in every class; 1 laptop to every 2 students
  7. ADAPTABLE TO NEEDS –            We believe ALL students learn, but some learn differently than others.
  8. INNOVATIVE APPROACH –          We use individualized and innovative learning methods to help each student.
  9. EXCELLENCE –                            We have a qualified administrative and teaching staff with many years of training and experience.
  10. AFFORDABLE –                          We have lower tuition and fees than most other private schools in our area.
  11. SCHOLARSHIPS –                      We accept McKay, AAA , Step-Up for Students, HOPE, and Family Empowerment Scholarships.
  12. FLEXIBILITY –                             We have flexible payment plans for self-paying parents.
  13. DISCOUNTS –                             We have multiple-family member enrollment discounts.
  14. ZERO TOLERANCE –                  We have “Zero Tolerance” in regard to possession, use or distribution of weapons by students.
  15. CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT –     We promote prayer and Christian standards outlawed  in our public schools.
  16. EDUCATIONAL PRIORITY –        We know that these students are our future, so we want to teach them well!
  17. PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE –      We love our students and strive to keep a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.
  18. CONFIDENT RESULTS –             We Believe with God – ALL things are Possible!


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