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Our Mission 
The Mission of New Beginnings Christian Academy is to provide a spiritually nourishing, academically challenging learning community serving students in K-12th grade who wish to pursue academic excellence in a vibrant Christian environment. That is why we take pride in having  been accredited since 1996.
NBCA is on the cutting edge of curriculum and teaching strategies that will enable EACH student to succeed. We are continually searching for innovative ways to instruct. We believe our teachers should have every resource we can provide and all teachers are given continuing education through webinars and special seminars in professional development.
NBCA has approximately a 1-2 student laptop computer ratio. We also have smart boards and/or smart tables in each classroom.
Because Math and English are so important with today’s technology, each student from Middle School thru High School receives teacher-driven instruction by the same teacher in an effort to guarantee our students know as much as they are capable of learning.
We are continually updating and searching for the BEST curriculum in those areas of instruction that will enhance social skills, critical thinking, and ability to adjust to an ever-changing world.
Our younger class (K-2) uses My Father’s World curriculum and this year some of the students have been introduced to Saxon Mathematics.
Ignitia and I-Ready,  which are  computer-generated programs,  are other formats we use for those who learn better with the new technology.  We are always looking for innovative and interesting curriculum that will benefit our students in their quest for academic achievement.
Beyond every book and piece of curriculum, we want our students to know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. Our teachers meet for Bible reading and prayer each morning to seek God’s guidance in the classrooms.
Each year, we want to insure every student receives quality personal attention and achieves to his/her maximum potential.  
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