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New Beginnings Christian Academy has many areas of diversity.   Our diversity by race, gender, and disability shows that “all of God’s children” can thrive in unity as we learn and worship together.
NBCA Student Enrollment by Race
As of October 2020, New Beginnings Christian Academy has 72 students enrolled.  Our student enrollment by race is 34 African American students, 36 Caucasian students, and 2 Hispanic students.

Boys Playing Basketball: Mario Williams, Josh Smith, and Noah Williams

NBCA Student Enrollment by Gender
Currently, we have 33 female students and 39 male students enrolled at New Beginnings Christian Academy.

Faith Bing singing in talent show.

NBCA Student Enrollment by Disability/Disorder
At New Beginnings, we see many abilities and disabilities.  When a student is first enrolled with NBCA, diagnostic testing is administered in each subject area.  Taking the results of this testing, our teachers are able to recognize weak areas and areas of strength.  Then the teacher can determine at what level the student is performing and also know what areas may need review.  According to the student’s test performance, teachers and administrators work together to design and implement an individualized plan that best meets the needs of the student.  Students are enabled to work on their plan at their pace, side by side with diverse learning levels.
Presently, this is a breakdown of the types of ability and disability/disorders represented in the NBCA enrollment:
Autism Spectrum Disorder – 6 students
Developmentally Delayed – 11 students
Intellectual Disability – 7 students
Language Impaired – 3 students
Specific Learning Disability – 5 students
Speech Impaired – 2 students
Other Health Impaired – 1 student
No Known Disability/Disorder – 28 students 
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