More Student Pics 2016-2017

Kamryn Chappell giving a big smile during art projects.

Xavionna McCall taking a break from art project.

Ms. Moody getting caught up with grading.

Ms. Arnold keeping Drama class learning their lines.

Will you be my valentine?

High School Drama Class working on a skit.

Sasha Wallace in art class.

Ezra Hindman contemplating a project.

Students with Teachers during recess time.

James Moody with eye on ball.

Brenton Hannah at the Smart Board.

Lookout! It’s an airball.

Thank God for Grandma (Mrs. Arnold). She’s there for every student.

Jasmine Arnold working on an art project.

Perhaps too much drama in drama class.

Travis Newton completing some classwork.

“I don’t care if it’s the basketball court. I’m tired.”

“I knew that ball was around here somewhere.”

Poor Pastor. Another day in the classroom.

Boys Playing Basketball: Mario Williams, Josh Smith, and Noah Williams