Winners if 2016 Fall Fundraiser: Justin Andrews, Jasmine Arnold, Faith Bing

The Gardiner Scholarship
Florida’s Gardiner Scholarship Program allows students with special needs an opportunity to receive an education savings account (ESA) funded by the state and administered by an approved scholarship funding organization. This funding works much like the McKay Scholarship, giving parents the option of sending their children to private school where the teacher student ratio is much smaller than public school and extra tutoring can be given to individual students.
In other words, Gardiner gives parents of special need students a CHOICE in their student’s education. Unlike the McKay Scholarship, the Gardiner does NOT require a student to spend at least a year in public school to qualify for scholarship funds.
Gardiner is part of the Step Up for Students Scholarship Foundation. To open an application, go to the Step Up website, and look for the Gardiner Scholarship.
New Beginnings meets the qualifications to accept Gardiner Scholarships.
Gardiner Scholarship is another successful program by